Our vision and product 

'Our vision is to help communities who need our prosthetic, live and express themselves with the freedom of choice'

Choose your look

At freedom, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide top quality unprocessed human hair in a range of base colours, lengths and curl preferences. Freedom offers hair in the lengths 4,6,8,10,14 and 16 inches and 17 different shades that can be blended into a variety of natural finish hair colours.

Choose security and comfort 

Along with our top quality hair freedom applies cutting edge technology into design and construction of our vacuum caps. In addition to being completely comfortable and secure in any strength of wind, on rollercoasters, swimming and any other activity you can think of, our vapour permeable silicone is able to pass water vapour through the cap, leaving you dry and comfortable throughout the day.   

Choose cutting edge technology 

freedom uses medical grade scanning equipment to produce a 3D rendered image of your head. It is extremely accurate and helps us create a hair piece that is unique and completely customized to you. We use this scan to create a mould to be used at freedom. This mould is made of hard wood and is what will be used to caste your silicon cap.

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