here’s how to get your own freedom hair 

  1. Make contact with the independent agent nearest you.
  2. Schedule a private consultation to discuss your needs.
  3. At that meeting (or a subsequent one) a medical 3D scan or a plaster cast will be taken of your head and an order form specific to you will be filled in.
  4. These are sent to New Zealand so we can make a mould that duplicates your head shape and lets our team know exactly how you want your hair to be. 
  5. A clear plastic fit-cap and hair sample of the hair you’ve selected will be sent to you. Once freedom manufacturing receives your approval your new hair will go into production.
  6. When your Freedom Hair is ready, it is time to consult a hairstylist (often your freedom independent agent will be able to recommend a suitable stylist). We send you a blank canvas on which you can fine-tune your own personal style with a hairstyle that works for you and your freedom hair.  

do you live in New Zealand?

If you live in New Zealand, email our wearer/agent who will answer any questions you have at 

Do you live outside New Zealand?

We have a large network of freedom independent agents that cover the entire globe. Scroll your mouse over the map to find the one nearest you.

Paying for your Freedom Hair

We recommend discussing payment options with your freedom independent agent. A 12-month warranty on manufacturing faults is standard on freedom hair.

If your freedom hair requires repair, it is sent to our experts in New Zealand. This is arranged through your freedom independent agent.