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The team at Freedom Hair is passionate about changing people's lives for the better.

Recently Freedom Hair started holding informal get-togethers for our customers.

One of these happened when we shot the photography you see here on our website, all of these amazing women are Freedom Hair customers. They enjoyed getting together so much, we promised we would make it a regular event.

So we will be sending out a quarterly newsletter to those of you who would like to know what events are coming up.

And there will be more! This newsletter will also be a forum to help you form a community to offer each other support and friendship.

Over the years so many of you have told us stories that we thought would be great to share with our customers and those with alopecia. Now with this newsletter you can share your experiences, your advice and help each other have the confidence to live your dreams.

If you have a story, you would like to share please email us: [email protected]

You don't have to be a Freedom Hair customer to sign up for the newsletter, or even to share your stories. We're committed to improving peoples' lives and we want to hear from everyone who might be interested in what our customers have to say.
So live life to the full and sign up for our newsletter...

Freedom Hair promises we will not share your details with anyone. From time to time we may take the opportunity of the newsletter to tell you about improvements to Freedom Hair products, or give you tips to help you get the most out of your Freedom Hair.

Freedom Hair

Freedom Hair, manufacturers of a vacuum hair prosthesis that will give you the confidence to live your dreams.