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A soft, permeable silicone cap tinted to match your skin colour is fitted to your mould and this exact fit creates the suction effect that withstands the rigours of daily life, even the strongest wind!
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Who pays the styling costs?

Styling is usually included in the price.
However, additional salon services such as perming and colouring (including streaks, foils and highlights) are optional extras and are at the customer's cost.

How long do I have to wait?

There are many factors determining the wait time, because each hair piece is custom-made. Please discuss this with your Freedom consultant.

There's a 'bubble' on the top what's wrong?

This means the cap isn't positioned correctly.

If there's a 'bubble' on top and a gap along the nape edge, the hairpiece is too far forward.

A 'bubble' at the crown usually indicates the prosthesis is too far back on the head. You'll feel even contact against your scalp when it's right.

Feel free to follow our recommended steps for a correct fitting.

Fitting information for your new hairpiece

Place the hairpiece upside down on your lap like a bowl, so you can see the label at the nape facing away from you. You will see two aluminium strip stiffeners in the silicone of each ear flap (the points that go in front of your ears). If necessary, the earflaps can be gently rounded inwards very slightly, so the cap edge always fits close to your temples.

Use a wet cloth to dampen both your scalp and the inside of the hairpiece before you place it on your head this will allow the prosthesis to slide more easily into the correct position. Many people make this part of their daily routine. Wet and slide' is a proven method to ensure a good fit and avoid cap stretching.

Check that no hair has fallen inside the cap.

Bend your head down into the cap, then lift your head and hair together. Hold the hair at each side above your ears to gently wiggle or slide the cap into the correct position. Some hairpieces may need to be 'burped' to allow the release of trapped air this really just depends on the shape of your head.

Look in a mirror or feel to check there's even spacing around each ear, and there's no bubble' or air space at the top or crown.

It is essential that the hairpiece is correctly positioned when you have it styled. We recommend some practice fittings at home before your styling appointment, so there's no risk of fringes or bangs being cut too short because the prosthesis wasn't fitted correctly.

To remove, slide a small finger under the cap edge above or behind each ear, to allow air to release the vacuum seal. Lift the hairpiece off your head. Do not put your finger in under the front hairline (you'll stretch it!) or under the nape edge (this could tear the cap above the ears!).

Remember to be gentle with your prosthesis we want you to enjoy it for as long as possible!

How do I style my Freedom Hair prosthesis?

How do I care for my Freedom Hair prosthesis?

Freedom hair offer a totally natural solution to female hair loss.