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Go ahead dance till you drop, play physically demanding sport, romance the night away, swim in the sea…only your will know that your Freedom Hair hairpiece has given you confidence to live your dreams.
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'After the traumatic experience of losing my hair to Alopecia, finding Murray and Averill was the answer to my prayers.

The wigs that are made by Freedom Wigs are nothing short of awesome. The suction cap is so comfortable you don't even know you are wearing it, and with using "real" hair I can now feel normal again.

People are amazed when I tell them I wear a wig. They don't believe me. My hair has been made identical to my own hair, with its natural curl. I can do everything with my wig that I would have done with my own hair. I play sport, water-ski and ride motorbikes it's just brilliant.'


From Gary, a Dad who saw his little girl go from panic to stability.

'It was the worse thing that can happen, how could my daughter lose her hair. That word Alopecia! What do you do? Why? How could this happen!

Then my wife with all her tenacity, found it, an answer, maybe. The site on the web that changed our life is 'Freedom Hair'. Murray and his team with their caring nature understood what we needed and how to get it to us. From that day when the last of my daughter's beautiful hair had to go so the mould could be cast for fitting the fit-cap, making sure it was all just right. Choosing the hair colour and texture to make her feel like her again. All was done with professionalism and thoughtfulness. Then the big day, it arrived. My daughter tried it on. The happiness on her face, she had hair again. Off to the Salon and back she came looking wonderful. She can run, jump, do handstands, swim and play sport just like all of her peers. She doesn't have to worry any longer about wigs falling off or people noticing that she is wearing a wig. She is now comfortable and confident. Freedom once more.

Thanks to Murray, Averill and their team of experts. You and your company have given my wife and me our daughter back. Now her choices about how to handle her hair loss are up to her. What a wonderful gift. The gift of choice.'


'Losing your hair at the age of 13 years for a girl was very traumatic for me. My life changed overnite from an outgoing teenager to a teenager that never left her home. The wigs 30 years ago were very unnatural, made from synthetic fibres not having a very long life span and very hard to make look natural. I couldn't swim; play a lot of sports in fear of it coming off. When standing in queues at banks, supermarkets, or sitting in front of somebody, I was always self-conscious that people could see the netting to which the hair was stitched on to. My confidence, my self-esteem and feeling good about myself were very very low. As I am a hairdresser, a lady came in and asked me to cut her wig.

The type of wig I saw was so real and I asked her where she got it from and straight away I contacted Murray & Averill, they were extremely helpful, making me feel totally comfortable and not embarrassed at all.

Within 6 weeks I had my new wig. The minute I put it on, my whole life changed. I cried a lot of tears. I could now swim, do heaps with the kids. I didn't have to worry who was behind me anymore, and no more worrying how windy it was. I had total freedom, it is so life like. Now I feel whole and beautiful, I can tie my hair up, do anything I want with it. I am so overwhelmed with what this wig has done for me. I am lost for words. It's been a long time coming, 30years to be exact. They say good things come to those who wait, how true that saying is. I can't thank Murray & Averill enough. It has changed my life totally. THANX GUYS.'


'Freedom Hair wigs are just fantastic! My wig is completely natural looking, perfectly matching the colour and curl of my own hair. It looks wonderful on, and at last I can finally feel like I am normal walking down the street! No more stares and comments! Freedom Hair's after sales service is impressive, with a real willingness to help sort out any teething problems you may have. It has been the most marvellous experience for me, and I could not be more delighted.

It is an incredible thing that you guys amazing gift that you give your customers! You give us back our dignity (we look normal!), our privacy (no more inappropriate questions...and you would be amazed by how many people are actually rude enough to comment), and our femininity (a woman's hair is her crowning glory!). I have gone from constantly assessing everything I do ('oh, it's windy, what about my hat coming off' "Better walk on the other side of the street as the sun will make my hair look even thinner" 'Get someone else to go up to the counter.... they have powerful overhead lights in the roof over there') to having total freedom! I regularly have people tell me my hair looks fantastic and ask me whom my hairdresser is...a HUGE change from the questions about how the Chemo is going!!!!! I have clips and bows and clasps in my husband is no longer afraid to touch my hair in case he accidentally hurts me or pulls some out.... I look like a woman! I have riotous curls! Words cannot tell you all how much what you have done for me has meant! For years I have wept over my hair€for years I prayed for it to change. You guys are the answer to those prayers.... a blessing I never expected! It is a fantastic thing you all do! You change our lives.... you give us back our lives.... it is a gift beyond measure! Be proud of what you do! It is an incredible and blessed thing!'

Love Selina-Jane

Hi Murray. Wow, you should see Libby and the new styled wig. It looks fabulous, it feels fabulous. She went swimming in it this weekend it still felt fabulous. She wore it to the school social she felt fabulous and heard tell that some Hot Guys asked her to dance (her words not mine LOL). You both outdid yourselves the hair is gorgeous. The new inside bit feels great and she is finding it very good to put on. Thanks soooooo much. Words really can't express how great this all is.


'I've been a customer since 1998, and could never go back to ordinary wigs!

With your product, I'm very confident about the way my hair looks - I get compliments and comments like 'who does your hair - it's always so nice?'

If I do tell anyone, they can't believe it's a wig. When I do go to a hair salon for colouring or product, hairdressers aren't aware it's a wig either - I really enjoy that. I take care of it myself- no weekly salon visits or ongoing expense.

I just forget it's there - there's no itching or irritation from the cap, and there's no need for me to bend my head down when I walk into the wind - I walk with my head up now. I know it's secure and I know my hair will blow in the wind and then fall back into place.'


Thank you for the opportunity to express some of my thoughts about my wig. Having worn synthetic wigs for some years, the new skullcap and real hair are a complete revolution. I could comment on the ease of care. I wash and dry it just like hair - and the convenience of dressing.

It is easy and quick to put on and remove. However, the three things that stand out for me are these: Firstly, it feels comfortable and reliable. I have been embarrassed more than once when my old wigs came adrift, but your wig is close-fitting and never shifts, even when swimming or when walking in bad weather. Secondly, the appearance is completely natural. My friends and family asked if my hair had grown back! No fabric patches, no frizzy edges, no dodging the heat when cooking. Thirdly, because of these two features, I have a feeling of greater confidence I feel comfortable, I feel natural. I no longer sense a foreign piece of material on my head that reminds me of my baldness; instead, like other women, I can forget about my hair, knowing that it's doing the same job for me as it does for other women giving me the confidence of natural loveliness.