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have the confidence to live your dreams with a natural wig from freedom hair - manufactures of a vacuum hair prosthesis that will give you the confidence to live your dreams.
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New Zealand

If you live in New Zealand, you can order directly from our Customer Service Representative. We are happy to answer any questions you have and even arrange for you to meet or talk with a customer in your area.

Outside New Zealand

If you live outside New Zealand, please contact a dealer representative in your country.

Our dealer representatives

Most of our dealer representatives are women with alopecia AA, AU or AT, who have more than likely shared many of your experiences and concerns. They have expert and detailed knowledge of our products and are happy to answer any of your questions. Our dealers (agents) are independent resellers of Freedom products.

The process

At a mutually convenient time, they will schedule a private appointment with you to discuss your needs. At this appointment or at a later date that is convenient for you, a plaster cast will be taken of your scalp.

The cast is sent to us here in New Zealand so we can make a mould to duplicate your head shape, ensuring the prosthesis will be exactly the correct size and shape for you.

Your mould will be safely stored for future use. Remoulding is usually only necessary for growing children or adults who have experienced substantial weight changes.

A clear plastic fitting cup and a sample of the hair you've selected will be checked at a second appointment before manufacture begins. Alternatively, if you live too remotely for a second appointment to be convenient, this can be sent directly to you. When the prosthesis is ready for shipment, an appointment will be made with a recommended hairstylist.

Payment is normally 50% deposit with your order, with the balance payable at the styling appointment. A 12-month warranty is provided to cover manufacturing faults.
Repairs can be performed here in New Zealand, arranged through your dealer.